Whether you are a newcomer to the game or an experienced player; whether you are a man, woman, junior or senior, Redbourn Golf Club offers a membership option to suit you.

As a member you can enjoy two beautifully maintained golf courses, great practice facilities, a comfortable clubhouse with welcoming service and tasty food, and a great variety of competitions and social events.

Benefits of Membership

Membership, Redbourn Golf Club, Harpenden

There are so many golf clubs in Hertfordshire that choosing the right club to join can be a difficult decision.  It’s not just about the facilities; it’s about the atmosphere, the people, and the friendships that you will make. Redbourn Golf Club is truly inclusive. Over the years it has maintained its status as a welcoming and sociable golf club, breaking down the barriers that are often perceived when joining. Redbourn Golf Club is friendly, inviting and a joy to be a part of.

Membership Categories

At Redbourn we offer a variety of membership categories and payment options to make being part of a golf club as accessible as possible.

Membership Categories

Our standard membership categories include 7-Day, 5-Day, Intermediate, Flexible, Young Adult, Family and Junior.

Payment Options

Annual Membership - pay your 12-month subscription up front for the best value membership.

Direct Debit - spread the cost of your membership with an easy monthly payment.

Applying for membership at Redbourn Golf Club is easy. To discuss the process, please call the membership office on 01582 793493, option 2 or enquire below. 

Flexible Membership

The Flexible Membership is for you if:

  • You want all the benefits of club membership, including a handicap and access to competitions.
  • You play regularly but not regularly enough to warrant full 5 or 7 day membership.
  • You want to own the flexibility of being able to top up your membership if needed.
  • You don’t want any restrictions of when you can play.
  • You want the best advanced tee time booking rights.

What is the Flexible Membership?

A twelve month membership with all the benefits of full membership, costing £550, with the flexibility to top up to gain more rounds if needed.

The Flexible Membership points:

£550 gets you 1,100 points. This membership allows you to use your points when you choose. See the points timetable to see how many points you will use at the times you want to play. You can top up points at any time during your membership, meaning you can play more golf if you use all of your points and still end up paying less than a full membership.


If you find you are playing often enough to warrant a full membership then we will upgrade you at any time with no joining fee.